Another Book Idea

If you go to the Works-In-Progress section you'll be able to see my new dummy book titled OUTTA LINE. 

Inspired by me attending 4 different high schools in 4 different states. I was always the new kid trying to fit in.  With each new school I took on a new identity to try to make friends. I was the nerd, the jock, the metal-head, but it wasn't until my senior year where I stayed true to my artist self and started drawing again that those different groups all wanted to meet the kid w the cool drawings.

Follow your heart and be true to your self, good things will follow.



I was going in to say goodnight to my boy, when I noticed he was already asleep. I gave him a kiss goodnight and said 'I love you' - I kinda chuckled cause if he was awake I wouldn't have been able to finish my sentence. You see, my son is a Grade A talker. He can chat w the best of them, often interrupting cause he is so excited about what he is chatting about.

Like a bolt, it hit me. What about a character that interrupts the entire time. My relaxing weekend turned into multiple 3 am nights trying to get pen to paper as quickly as possible before like most creative ideas, it blows away in the wind. I've learned in the past if you say to yourself - 'that's a good idea, i gotta remember that'  It's as good as gone. You gotta strike while the iron is hot.

Here's a pic of the family talker and his personification in book form

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